Good UX vs bad UX

Bad design

Double tap in a bathroom sink

For any foreigner in Ireland the first encounter of double tap in a bathroom sink is somewhat confusing. It’s a bit like when in Sri Lanka you have a shower head instead of toilet paper (guess for yourself of what you’re supposed to do in that situation).

To burn myself or to freeze my hands, that is the question.Anyone I asked could not answer me what was the reason for having those so I found this video explanation

Screening of ‘In the mood for love’ in Chester Beatty Library

Hong Kong film directed by Wong Kar-Wai was screened as part of Chinese New Year Festival. Obviously, the film had subtitles and they were nowhere to be seen for approx 50% of the audience. Subtitles were placed at the bottom of the screen, the seats were connected in rows so it was impossible to move your chair even a little. There were those small screens at the sides of the room but if you sat right next to one, like myself, you would have to move your head ninety degrees to the left and up to see it. Imagine keeping it like that for two hours of the movie duration… I left.

I think a bit of theater seating design or feedback collection from past screenings would be great. Surely it wasn’t first subtitled film screened in CBL (or was it?)


Images below courtesy of Greek Film Festival from different screening and for example purpose only.



Good design

Onion cutter

So this is a secret folks or was until now… I cannot cut onions or at least not without this little thing on a pic below.


My dad gave me one of these when I was about eighteen and since I didn’t really need to learn not to use it, I’ve been using it ever since. Precise, easy to clean after use and your hands don’t smell of onions for hours.

Wacom Bamboo tablet

I have no idea how I edited photos before I got it! I have it for about seven years now so this model is one of the simplest ones that are out there. It has a pen and a tablet which you plug in through USB. That’s all. It allows for a very precise editing and speeds up your workflow.



7 Comments Add yours

  1. nciemmetux says:

    This is such a funny one Emilia, it’s not one that I’d even realised was a design issue until someone pointed it out. It just always seems so normal to have a hot and cold tap, I never really thought about any different…. even when trying to make the decision of washing my hands with either freezing cold or scalding hot water. I agree though, mixer taps are the way forward, my house now has them and I won’t be going back!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. x16110901 says:

    I really like the idea of the onion holder/cutter thing. I know loads of people who would love this. It’s simple, intuitive and really handy. Not sure I’d buy one as I have tons of gadgets in the kitchen drawer as it is, but I’d certainly be happy to get one as a gift! Hint hint!


  3. Victoria Muldowney says:

    Being Irish I also didn’t notice the design issue with the tap. As a child, if I wanted warm water we filled the basin with some hot and some cold. Not the most hygienic but I’m still alive. When the mixer tap became more widespread, I just thought this was a new great idea. Perhaps we had put up with bad design because we knew no better. I suppose this shows how cultural influences affects how we evaluate the design of a product. Also, as we are more interconnected, new technology spreads quicker than the mixer tap did to Ireland.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. missdricky says:

    I also had never thought of two taps as a design issue as it was just the way our taps & sinks were in Ireland apart from our kitchen sink that is. I agree with you though having changed some of the Tap mixers in my home.


    1. Maybe it’s due to a broken boiler or something but I like to wash my face in a lukewarm water. None of this boiling or freezing water thing! 😉

      Liked by 1 person

  5. brendichops says:

    Emilia that onion holder is INCREDIBLE! Have you ever seen one in Ireland? I really need this in my life. I wear food prep gloves anytime I cut onions as I am far too high maintenance to be dealing with the smell of onion on my hands.


    1. Brendan, Richard has already requested one so I may do a bulk order at some point 😉 I’m not sure if I’ve seen it anywhere here.

      Liked by 1 person

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