Nielsen’s 10 Usability Heuristics for User Interface Design

I thought I will do a case study for this and analyse WeTransfer. It was to be one of my five examples of Nielsen’s heuristics, a positive one but I thought I may have a closer look and see if there’s anything that could be improved.

Good visibility of system status – Agreed!

WeTransfer allows you to transfer files to anyone in the word who has an email address. When you’re uploading your files you can see the percentage circle informing you how much have been uploaded. Once it’s finished you get a message saying ‘You’re done! The download email has been sent – your transfer is available for 7 days’. An email is also sent to you inbox informing you that the upload was completed and another email when the recipient downloads the files.

Error prevention – ok-ish

When you type an email address you won’t be allowed to enter text without the ‘@’ sign but the system doesn’t recognise the most common mail hosts such as gmail. I tried possible errors such as skipping a letter ’’ and it allowed me to send the transfer… However, few minutes later I got an email saying that WeTransfer detected undeliverable email address. Great but could that not be detected at the upload stage?

User control and freedom – so so…

What if you accidentally send the wrong file to the wrong person? If you’re quick enough you may cancel the upload while it’s still in progress. However, if the file has been fully uploaded it automatically sends and the only way to cancel it is to contact the support team.

Help and documentation – good

When you send that file to the wrong person you can easily spot the Help button on the top right corner and ‘Can I delete my upload?’ query is one of the top six topics highlighted in boxes. If it’s in the top six themes people search help for then I think we’re back to the point of ‘error prevention’ and a box ‘Do you really want to send that file to …?’. Just an idea.

Aesthetic and minimalistic design – yes yes yes!

It’s one of those simple websites that has a simple and clear design, not cluttered with unnecessary things. The landing page has what the average user needs and the not so average user can easily dig deeper if they want to. (I refuse to do it because I just tried and found spelling mistakes which may unnecessarily ruin my perception of the almost perfect product of WeTrnasfer!!!) Have a look yourself


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